Hydraulic Controlled Air Feed

Hydraulic controlled air feed tools use air to generate the thrust for machining with a hydraulic damper for feed control. There are multiple variants of these tools for specific application requirements of drilling, reaming, countersinking and spotfacing:

•Peck Feed Drills•Self-colleting Drills •Nut Plate Drills •Controlled Feed Drills – Pistol •Controlled Feed Drills – Angle

Self Colleting Drills

Recoules Quackenbush® self-colleting machines are available with a stroke capacity ranging from 1”/25mm to 2.25...

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Peck Feed Drills

Peck feed drills feed short distances at a time, then retract to allow heat to dissipate and chips to clear, before...

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Nut Plate Drill

Recoules Quackenbush® nut plate drills are one of our most popular specialty tools. Designed specifically for use ...

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Controlled Feed Drills - Pistol

When you need to get into tight spaces, controlled feed pistol drills offer lightweight performance ideal for compo...

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Controlled Feed Drills - Angle

Controlled feed angle drills come in two thrust sizes with three different mounting options to suit the hole size a...

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