Controlled Feed Drills - Pistol

When you need to get into tight spaces, controlled feed pistol drills offer lightweight performance ideal for composite drilling, countersinking and other operations.

Controlled feed pistol drills are available in two different strokes with three different pistol drills to choose from, two power options with a range of speed choices, and a third variable speed option. They are available with a template boss for quick and easy tool location or twist lock to remove any force from the operator during drilling. An integral vacuum port option is also available for chip extraction as well as an on-board lubricator.

The 120QP/21500 is a special high speed tool for composite machining with template boss location or an available vacuum pad for attaching to the component surface during drilling. Contact a Recoules Quackenbush representative today to learn more about controlled feed pistol drills.

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Portable Controlled Feed Drill

Portable Controlled Feed Drill

Compact portable airfeed drill with hydraulic feed control. Reduced operator effort for drilling/countesinking...