Peck Feed Drills

Peck feed drills feed short distances at a time, then retract to allow heat to dissipate and chips to clear, before advancing again. By pecking to the full depth, they produce high quality holes — especially when there are materials in the stack being drilled that could be damaged by a conventional single pass chip. Due to their heat reduction capabilities, peck drills have also been highly productive in manufacturing environments that don’t allow any type of lubrication or coolant.

Available Accessories
Optional accessories can greatly expand the functionality of our peck feed drills. Available accessories include concentric collet attachments, inlet manifolds and spindle adapters as well as Jacobs chucks, Fluid chucks, Taper-Lok reducer bushings and male and female Morse taper adapters. We also offer series 200 collets and collet assemblies, drill point lubricators and more!

For a complete list of accessories and configuration options, contact us today.

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Peck Feed Drill - HT - Quackenbush

HT Peck Feed Drill

Peck feed drills drills drill a short distance, then retract from the hole to clear the chips and dissipate...