Self Colleting Drills

Recoules Quackenbush® self-colleting machines are available with a stroke capacity ranging from 1”/25mm to 2.25”/57mm, a full range of speeds and up to 1.8hp/1.3kW of power. Engineered for the aerospace industry, they are ideal for drilling and countersinking operations on aircraft skins or other aluminum- or laminate-over-steel parts.

Delivering unparalleled accuracy while maximizing productivity, Recoules Quackenbush self-colleting machines automate the drill/countersink cycle and employ a single trigger control to provide advanced ergonomics and superior operator comfort. A modular design makes these tools easy to service and affordable to repair. Find out more by contacting a Recoules Quackenbush representative today.

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Self Colleting

Self Colleting

Range of "Self Colleting" air fed tools with hydraulic feed control for hole making operations. Variety of...