Positive Feed Drills

Positive feed drills use mechanical gearing to generate a fixed feed rate per revolution of the cutter. They can be measured in inches per revolution (ipr) or millimeters per revolution (mm/rev). They can also be configured for inline or right angle operation depending on the application requirements. They are typically used for drilling, reaming, countersinking and spotfacing.

There are multiple fixturing options, including twist lock and concentric collets. We also provide a range of accessories to help configure a solution to your specific application’s demands. An adaptive drilling option allows drilling at two speeds for greater productivity in material stacks such as Titanium and CFRP. This option leads to reduced clean up through coolant control, both during the cycle and shut off when the cutter exits the final layer.

Positive Feed Manual

Positive feed manual tools have separate manual actuation for starting the motor and engaging the feed. This elimin...

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Positive Feed Automatic

These tools have a single actuation for a complete operating cycle, making them easier to operate. Apex offers them...

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Positive Feed Adaptive

The positive feed adaptive drilling system automatically changes speed from high to low speed when drilling Ti —a...

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