Positive Feed Adaptive

The positive feed adaptive drilling system automatically changes speed from high to low speed when drilling Ti —and then back to high speed independent of the Ti material layer thickness. The high speed can be up to 3X faster, giving impressive cycle time reductions of up to 60% in dissimilar material stacks such as CFRP/Ti, Ti/CFRP, Ti/CFRP/Ti. It can also extend cutter life by shortening the time in the material.

Coolant flow can also change automatically in the different material layers and then shut off completely when the cutter exits the material. This leads to less coolant usage and shorter clean-up time. The number of holes per cutter can also be controlled with the system shutting down once the maximum cutter count is reached, which provides improved quality by preventing the use of a worn cutter.

The tool memory controls the application parameters and can easily be reprogrammed for flexibility during tool set-up. This memory also tracks the service life and overall life of the tool for preventative maintenance. The system can be retrofitted to existing tools in the field to minimize start-up costs. Contact a Recoules Quackenbush sales representative today to learn more about the positive feed adaptive drilling system.

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Positive Feed - Adaptive

Positive Feed - Adaptive

15QRA and 158 QRA have a separate manual control for air motor and feed.. Air motor is manually started at...