Compression Riveting Tools - C Yoke

Recoules Compression riveters with alligator jaw type offer light, sturdy, compact and fast compression, as well as snap holder adjustments that allow the operator different thicknesses without changing the rivet set. These Recoules compression riveters are offered with a variety of options.

Each compression riveter with alligator jaw provides smooth, controlled throttle movement for either fast or slow approach, and all models feature a standard safety throttle lever. You achieve maximum power by squeezing the rivet near the end of the rivet stroke.

Contact the Recoules Quackenbush sales team today, and ask about compression riveters with alligator jaw type and other Recoules products.

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Compression Riveter C-Yoke Type

Compression Riveter C-Yoke Type

Rivet set holder adjustment - stroke 0.12" allows the operator to use this compression riveter with different...